Ecommerce web design for Martial Arts Shop

We have recently started working with one of the largest Martial Arts stores in Europe on a freelance basis for general web design. When it comes to eCommerce projects we generally work with Shopify or WordPress, but we can also work with other platforms when necessary. The work that we have undertaken was most coding and configuring the online store, as the design had already been agreed.

One the main areas that we worked on as regards the code of the site was fixing a few glitches in the responsive design. It has been stated now that more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices and so getting this right is key. Added to this any small issues with the responsive design not matching Google’s expectations can also impact on rank and consequently traffic, so a lot of time was spent in this area.

Another point that we looked at was the search function and general sites structure. Making this as easy to understand as possible will give the user a much better experience, and so there were a lot of different code adjustments that were made to get this working as per requirements.

Below is a testimonial from the owner of Fight Cartel about our services…

‘We went to Coleswood Media in early 2017 after our freelance web designer let us down. We’re a BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA store ( so knowing anything about things such as webdesign left us scratching our heads. The team sat us down and took us through all the changes we needed to make to improve our situation and since then not only have we taken their advice and had them implement the changes needed but we have continued to trust in their work. We couldn’t be happier.”

If you have an eCommerce project that you would like some assistance with please call our team for further details.


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